Parade escort flag, Police Welcomes General Assembly of Interpol's 85th | News Senkom, hundreds of members of the Police
together Paskibraka Full members today held a parade in Region Car
Free Day (CFD) Jakarta, Sunday (10/30/2016). Parade procession flag
190 participants Interpol General Assembly's 85th released by the
National Police Chief Police General Tito Karnavian.

Not only Parade procession of flags, the event was also enlivened by
the presence of the Police Academy cadets marching band, and also
Little of Bekasi police action. Parade at the start of the field until
the roundabout monument. A total of 190 flags that Interpol member
participants will then be erected in front of the Police Station HI
traffic circle at the center of the event.

In addition to members of the police, citizens who exercise
enthusiastically followed the procession. In fact, not a few people
who go into the back row of the procession. Things sort of marching
band continue to oversee up to 190 participants Interpol flag placed
in front of the Police Station roundabout.

The title of the procession held ahead of the General Assembly of
Interpol's 85th to be held in Bali from 7 to 10 November 2016 later.
Where the general assembly of Interpol will be the theme 'Setting a
Global Roadmap for International Policing'.

Interpol General Assembly was scheduled also to be attended by Gen.
Tito Karnavian and Minister of NOA Susi Pudjiastuti. In the trial of
former police chief of Papua Interpol would discuss counter-terrorism.
As for the Minister of Susi will reveal the phenomenon of illegal

"Mr. and Mrs. Cruz police chief later that the keynote speakers
(speakers) in the trial Interpol," said Head of Public Relations
Police Headquarters Inspector General Amar Joey Boy.


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