ROAD TO 85TH INTERPOOL GENERAL ASSEMBLY | News Senkom, Indonesia will host the General
Assembly of Interpol's 85th. Activities that will be held on the
island it will be used by the government to introduce `Fantastic
Indonesia`s in the world.

Various series of events prepared to enliven the Interpol General
Assembly of the 85th, one of which will be done tomorrow ie 85th
INTERPOL ROAD TO GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Sunday (10/30/2016), from 06.00 pm
at the roundabout.

The event will be enlivened by the 190 members of Full Paskibraka
Indonesia that will carry the flag 190 INTERPOL member countries, not
only the pickle also be enlivened by the action of Cendrawasih Drum
Corps Police Academy cadets.

Interpol General Assembly 85th on the theme `Setting a Worldwide
International Roadmap for Policing`.

This event will be attended by President Joko Widodo, delegates from
190 countries, and 26 ministries / agencies, such as the Ministry of
Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Customs, Angkasa Pura, the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, and the ministries / institutions.


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