Watch Out !!! Community News Alert mode Accident Fraud False | News Senkom, the community is expected to be
vigilant about fraud with the mode apprise child accidents. The mode
known rife in Housing Klender, East Jakarta.

It has also become one of the parents of students of SDN 01 Pagi
street Malaka Jaya. Kingdom Anthology admitted, almost became a victim
of fraud with the mode.

Chronologically it happened occurred 09.45 pm. When the atmosphere in
the house was quiet, suddenly the parents heard the sound of a phone
call from someone claiming to be the guardian class. Then, the teacher
said that her son had an accident or a fall from a ladder and knocked

However, the teacher asks parents to call other teachers who are
bringing their children to the hospital. Parents also complied, and he
was surprised when the teacher (deceiver) said that if his son
bleeding on the brain and must be addressed.

Fraudsters who claim as the teacher asked the parents to immediately
contact someone who is known to have the tools and immediately taken
to a private hospital in East Jakarta. Parents returning to obey and
call a third person.

Here he successfully realized her mid cheated. For a third person who
claimed doctors from one hospital to say, if the parents have to
transfer the money amounting to 9 million that the tool immediately
delivered. Parents of these students eventually made his way to the
school to make sure her condition, and what a surprise when asking the
security guard did not happen anything against her.

According to the SDN 01 Grace as a security guard, in this month scams
as it has often happened. In a school environment that is already more
than twice a month scams like that.

After receiving information from the security guard of the school,
parents were reluctant to be named, then met his homeroom teacher
named Supriyono. Parents of the incident that he wondered why
fraudsters know your home phone number and condition of the school.

In this month there were four parents of students who got a call from
the fraudster. But fortunately no transfer, because they immediately
checked to school.

Police did not stay silent. Police officers are now investigating the case.


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